Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Tremble At The Mind-Blowing Malevolence Of Space Phantom

Spectacular Spider-man #170 features a battle between the Avengers and a team of ragtag bad guys gone good put together by Spider-man. Spidey's 'Outlaws' include all the greats from his rogues gallery - everyone from Puma to the Prowler. They've even got Rocket Racer!

Yet I say - screw it, I'm going to ignore all that stuff and focus on my favorite character in this issue - Space Phantom:You expect me to discuss a She-Hulk versus Spider-man throwdown when I can talk about a pink, limbo-hopping pixie with a purple jumpsuit and a spiky haircut. Not likely.

In this story Space Phantom uses his limbo hopping and shape-shifting powers to pose as Spidey and start a big fight between his team of losers and a squad of Avengers that includes heavy hitters like She-Hulk, Thor and Quasar. That mischievous little scamp.

Now let's face it starting fights between super-heroes isn't a hard thing to do, but Space Phantom likes to do business with a bit of flair and panache.

He starts his fights by living the dream:Right in the star-spangled chops!

He should have rocketted up the villainy charts after that! What super-villain doesn't wish he had a 'the day I clocked Captain America upside his head' story?

Still, to this day, Space Phantom gets no love. Still no-one trembles at the very mention of his name. Why aren't heroes beating down his door to be his arch-nemesis? Where are the covers proclaiming the 'mind-shattering menace' or the 'titanic treachery' of Space Phantom?

What does it take for a pink pixie in a purple jumpsuit to get some respect around here?
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