Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mary, Mary, Why You Bugging?

Okay Countdown, what the hell kind of world are you living in where sweet and innocent Mary Marvel knows what a furry is?

The mind boggles. Suddenly I'm all suspicous of Mary's brother Billy 'Captain Marvel' Batson's relationship with his talking tiger pal Talky Tawny.

Then I remembered that Mary herself had a fuzzy animal sidekick too - Hoppy the Marvel Bunny.

Oh God No! Not Hoppy! Say it isn't so! Damn you DC, why do you insist on corrupting our cherished childhood memories over and over!

Wait! Wait! Calm down. Get it together. Mary probably just saw it on that one episode of CSI. Yeah, sure, that makes sense. That's gotta be it.


Thank you denial old friend, I feel so much better now.

(This deep psychological scar was caused by Countdown To Infinite Crisis #12. Elsewhere in this book our delicate sensibilities were offended by Jimmy Olsen's tawdry sexual encounter with an alien bug chick (not to mention the sight of him sauntering about in nothing but a towel). Then we were profoundly distubed by Piper having a heart to heart with the severed hand of his dead buddy the Trickster.)
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