Thursday, 29 March 2007

First Post Disclaimer


Welcome to my new comic blog, make yourself at home.

Just so you know this comics blog is SNARK FREE!

I'm all about the comics love baby.

(Not the "only suitable for Vertigo, naked Jesse and Tulip" kind of comics love you sicko!)

In this blog I'm gonna share those comics moments that made me stop and think "Damn - comics are great!"

You know those moments, you've had them too haven't you?


Then maybe you should be off to see the wizard with your good buddies the tin man and the cowardly lion!

Anyway, my disclaimer is this:
- If a book/creator/series/moment that I tout as great in this blog is in your opinion bad/sucky/lame/terrible/ruining all that's good and true in the comics industry let me just ensure you that I don't care.

I likes what I likes.

This is my blog and if you don't like it - do like Skid Row told ya.