Friday, 28 May 2010

The Best Super Characters Ever?

Hey loyal readers. I'm back after a long absence spent trying to launch my professional comic-book writing career. It went okay - maybe I'll tell you about it some time. Right now though I'm here to feed my rabid starving YOUARECOMIC followers with the witty comic-book related shenanigans you've grown to expect from the folks here at YAC.

Okay so after my extended absence you may find it unwise to kick things back into motion by talking about a comic-book based on a video game. It may seem even stupider when I tell you that it's a video-game I've never even heard of let alone played. But that's just what I'm going to do.

Strap youself in and hold on tight as I talk about American McGee's GRIMM.

Never heard of it have you? I thought as much.

Anyway the game is about an evil little dwarf named Grimm who travels through various fairy tales making things worse for everyone and generally being a real jerk. In American McGee's GRIMM #1 the stunted little A-hole turns his attention to super-hero comics and concieves the diabolical scheme to have the bad guys win for a change!!

Hardly original, or in fact very exciting. It even has some freaky, hard to stomach artwork. It even goes as far as to take a back handed swipe at the intelligence of those noble, heroic souls we here at YAC refer to in hushed reverent tones as 'comic-book fans'.

Why then would I want to talk about this book on my comic-book blog I hear you cry?

Well it's quite simple. This book stars the best super-heroes and villans ever created by mortal man.

Before Almighty Stan strikes me down with a Jack Kirby rendered lighning bolt for such blasphemy allow me to present your eager eyeballs with:
That's right folks - that dude's name is Headless Skeleton

Headless freaking Skeleton for crying out loud! How awesome is that....the lots.

So distracted you may have been by the awesomosity of Headless Skeleton that you may have missed the fact that the green guy with the metal chin in the second panel is named...Westseid. Holy Tupac Batman!! I almost peed my pants at that one let me tell you.

Yeah so all these characters are parodies of existing super-hero/villans. Big honking deal. That doesn't take away from the fact that:
Metal Head is a big pile of awesome

That's really all I've got to say on the subject. You should rush out right now and buy this book even though you don't really care about the story, the art or the video game from which it's licensed. You should rush out and buy it because it features a titantic confrontation between those bitter rivals:
Fruit Bat and Killer Cock

A dude called Killer Cock = Awesome.

You heard it here first.


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