Saturday, 24 March 2012

Better Angels #7 is Online...

For those holdouts still not following YouAreComic on Twitter & Facebook this is just a little reminder that Better Angels #7 is online

This month: Faith's misfortune comes to a head and shes goes looking for some payback.

Here's a sneaky peek:

Words, as always, are by yours truly and art by the thoroughly awesome Jordan Kroeger.

Drop by, check it out, leave a comment.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Zut Alors!

How this blatant xenophobia made it into print with Batroc The Leaper nowhere in sight I have no idea:

That's just shocking! It does nothing but imply that all French men are cheap, mustachioed lotharios.

I can only apologise profusely to all my baguette munching, snail cooking, beret wearing readers out there.

Pourquoi Marvel? Pourquoi?

(Today's rampant insensitivity towards our European brothers was brought to you by the wonderfully enjoyable Chaos War: Dead Avengers #2 by YouAreComic fave Fred Van Lente and the highly talented Tom Grummet. Other highlights include Doc. Druid's ghost making out with half-naked bad-girl Nekra as a battle strategy. The boys will be lining up to be on Cap. Marvel's Avengers team!)

Monday, 12 March 2012

Embarrassing Moments In Super-Villainy #8

Solomon Grundy is essentially an immortal killing machine. Sure he's always wearing pants that don't quite fit and he talks like Jar Jar Binks mentally challenged younger brother. But dude has the power to bitch-slap three Justice Leaguers in the chops - - at the same time!

How come he's never made it to A list bad guy status?

Answer: This one time he went to Earth 2 and got beaten by the Justice Society's patented 'Tiswas' offensive:

It's good to know that when Earth 2 is menaced by the unquiet dead, zombie armageddon can be averted by a well-armed Krusty the Clown.

(Today's nod to the Phantom Flan Flinger was brought to you by Justice League of America v1 #47. The conclusion of an epic two-parter that features the Spectre keeping Earth 1 and Earth 2 from colliding by jamming his body between them and having the Justice League punch out the dastardly Anti-Matter man while standing on his ass.)