Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Do The Hypno-Hustle...

Despite M.O.D.O.K.'s impressive giant head spins and Ultron doing a mean robot, victory in this year's Annual Super-villain dance-off went to Mysterio and SilverMane for their thoroughly entertaining synchronised Running Man...
Go Quentin It's Your Birthday

(Today's mad dance skillz were brought to you by the hip hop headz at Amazing Spider-man #620, Dan Slott, Marcos Martin & Javier Pulido. Also in this issue Mysterio pulls off a death-defying escape by claiming to be Spidey's cousin before giving him a sturdy kick in the nards. Didn't that guy used to just dissapear into a puff of smoke?).

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Come back Spinner Racks, All Is Forgiven...

Ah, the 70s, it must've been quite the time to be alive. You could head down to the local convenience store pick up a quart of milk, a nice fresh loaf, a slice of watermelon and this...

Satan on your shopping list! God bless you Tony Isabella.

Nuff Said.

(Today's barrage of birthday blogs was brought to you by Ghost Rider v1 #15,17 & 18 by the awesome talents of Tony Isabella, Frank Robbins and Vince Coletta. Thanks for Sataning up my formative years guys.)

You Kiss Your Momma With That Mouth?

It's foul-mouthed outbursts like this that got Johnny damned to Hell in the first place!

Johnny Blaze On Blind Dating...

"You show up at their door with a buncha posies wearing your best leathers and your bitchinest flaming skull..."

"...and they turn out to be possessed by Satan!"

Holy Ghost Rider Tony I...

A comic-book series in which an Evel Knievel analogue with a flaming skull for a head saves Jesus Christ from being crucified by a cavalcade of the most third-rate 70s super-villains ever!!How can you not want this in your comic-book collection!

Have An Isbella Birthday...

Today is my birthday. That's right, believe it or not your hospitable YouAreComic host is in fact 32 years young today.

By way of birthday celebration let's tip our hat to one of my favorite comic-book creators from back when I were a lad - Tony Isabella. Dude wrote some of my favorite books back in the sepia-toned days of YouAreComic's youth. From the Champions to Luke Cage:Hero for Hire to the original Ghost Rider series.

Oh how I loved that original Ghost Rider run. It was the perfect blend of melodrama and outright comic-book wackiness! It's as if it was created with we here at YouAreComic in mind.

Don't get me wrong though. Tony Isabella wasn't just about the pitting GR against nefarious scheme of Paste Pot Pete (okay, okay so he was the Trapster by then but how can anyone resist calling him Paste Pot Pete??). Tony I. had some serious cojones for a 70s Marvel writer. Some of those old GR stories covered some pretty grimy, satanic ground. At one point he had even planned to have GR freed from Satan's curse by having him become a born-again Christian (sadly the story got nixed by some lily-livered editor).

But hey this is YouAreComic people! Our loyal readers don't come here to hear me wax intellectual on bad 70s Marvel editorial policy. They come here to see Ghost Rider rugby tackling a laser-pistol-packing, leather-clad biker with a giant hypnotic eye for a head off his motorbike in the middle of a high speed chase down the Ventura Freeway.
Happy Birthday YouAreComic

And Many More!!!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

You Know What's Great About Comics...

Things can start off nice and normal with Power Girl taking a shower, cleaning her teeth and shaving her legs with a clever combination of heat vision and Shining Stems with Aloe:
Ten pages later she's fightin' it up with a giant humanoid warrior Elephant armed with a flamethrower and a Madonna mic:Oh comics, how I love thee.

(Today's post is brought to you by Power Girl #10 wherein Karen sports an outfit that consists of a cake tin and a baguette! Yowza!! It's so sad to bid a fond farewell to this book's awesometastic creative team of Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and the wonderful Amanda Conner. They'll be sadly missed by everyone on the YouAreComic team each and every month).

Monday, 14 June 2010

Poor Old Hank 'Douchebag' Pym...

You know why I love Hank Pym? Nope, it's not his crap costume fetish. Nope, it's not that he builds himself robotic imaginary friends that tend to go batshit crazy and try to steal his team-mates brains. Nope, it's not even because he lived the dream once and popped Wasp right in the kisser! Sure all of that makes him awesome and all but that's not why I love him.

I love Hank Pym because he's a total loser - what's more no-one thinks that it's true more than he does himself.

I mean come on, being the shrinky-growy guy in an Avengers roster that boasted Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk is a big flashing neon sign for all to see that says 'This a loser'.

If further proof were needed, we;ve got Mighty Avengers #30. In this issue hapless Hank comes face to face with the physical manifestation of all that is - the snappy dressing, staight shooting cosmic entity ETERNITY. Now if it were Doctor Strange, Mr. Fantastic, Quasar or even snooty old Adam Warlock meeting Eternity it would result in a deep philosophical debate on the meaning of existence and the origins of life.

When ol' Hank shows up in Eternity's neck of the woods he gets:
A cosmically powered knuckle sandwich

Now why would mean old Eternity punch out poor old Hank I hear you cry. Well it's quite simple really. If you go around thinking that the universe likes to kick you in the junk everytime you're down then you come face to face with the physical manifestation of said universe...guess what happens:
That's right - a galactic junk-kick is what you get! Let that be a lesson to you kids with your 'emo' music. With your dressing in black and you 'woe is me' lyrics that would make Morrisey cry. Learn a lesson from poor old sad-sack Hank. Turn those frowns upside down....and pull up your damn pants!

All that being said I still love Hank Pym. Sure he may have dressed in that stupid red jumpsuit for the entirety of his stint in my beloved West Coast Avengers but this one time he turned into a Skrull and shot Reed Richards with a 'turn into goop' gun:Turn Reed Richards into goop and all is forgiven.

That's the rule.

Nuff Said.