Thursday, 28 April 2011

Embarrassing Moments In Super-Villainy #6

If your only super-powers are your abilities to be very French, grow awesome moustaches and kick real fancy it's probably not a good idea to hit on a chick while her ill-tempered, time-displaced cowboy boyfriend is standing right there:
Zut Alors!

Poor Batroc. So awesome and yet so very lame.

(Today's xenophobic fisticuffs were brought to you by She-Hulk #17 by Dan Slott and Rich Burchett. Also in this issue a lingerie clad Shulkie fights an army of robotic Nick Furys spouting lines plucked at random from the eye-patched one's many, many comic-book appearences over the years. That's what you get for sleeping with Tony Stark ladies!)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Chrysler Building Knows How You Feel...

One day in the Marvel Universe New York's world famous Chrysler Building just suddenly came alive. It grew a face, some arms and an awesome beard. It began to pummel annoying super-heroes and contemplate just exactly what it wanted to do with it's life:
That right there my friends, is why comics are great.

God bless you Dwayne McDuffie, you will be sorely missed.

(Today's moment of memorial was brought to you by the garishly titled World War Hulk Aftersmash: Damage Control #3. Drawn by Salva Espin and the great Dwayne McDuffie who died just recently. In this issue a suddenly sentient Chrysler building wakes up and fancies a brisk stroll. It's a wonderful wacky story by a wonderful writer.)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Mutants Are Funny...

Forget what you heard about mutants being angsty, grim and dour. Those dudes are funny...even after they've had their hands lopped off.

That's almost as funny as that time Iron Fist hit Storm in the face with a pie.

(Today's mutant mirth is brought to you by Zeb Wells and Leonard Kirk's fantastic New Mutants series - New Mutants #15 specifically. Also in this issue Bastion's transplanted demonic arm scratches a bald man's head of it's own accord and Warlock pukes....a lot.)