Monday, 28 May 2012

Better Angels #8 is online...

For anyone not following YouAreComic on Twitter & Facebook this is just a little reminder that Better Angels #8 is online

This month: Faith finally gets her hands on the guy responsible for all her misfortune.

Here's a littler taster:
Words, as ever, are by myself and the utterly terrific art as always by the utterly terrific Jordan Kroeger.

Drop by, check it out, leave us a comment.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Bruce Wayne - Typical Playboy Billionaire...

...thinks every problem can be solved by throwing money at it!  

(Today's fiscal irresponsibility was brought to you by the rich guys at The Brave & The Bold #123. Wherein Plastic Man uses his incredible trans formative powers to replace Batman, while Metamorpho uses his incredible trans formative powers to replace...the bat-copter. Holy Bat-favoritism!)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Why YouAreComic Loves Atomic Robo...

Do you read Brian Clivenger's awesome Atomic Robo? You really should's awesome. This is a comic-book is so awesome that a year or two ago Red5 gave an issue away on Free Comic Book Day and it contained this scene:

Yup, that's a smack-talking dinosaur armed with a machine gun. If you read the issue you'll also find that he's a time-traveling, smack-talking dinosaur armed with a machine gun...and a rocket launcher.

Or at least he thinks he is.

Anyway at the end Robo has the mouthy, militant Dinosaur cold. By way of surrender he hands over a cooler that he says contains the secrets to time-travel...then this happens:

'Why Atomic Robo Hates Doctor Dinosaur' is one of the many reasons why we here at YouAreComic love Atomic Robo

...and Doctor Dinosaur

...and comics.

You can pick up all Atomic Robo's wacky science adventures for only $0.99 a pop at Comixology.

Get on that people!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hulk Smash, M.O.D.O.K. Perv...

Incredible Hulk #167 is just a treat. I mean the cover alone is worth the post. It's got a Herb Trimpe Hulk, it's got speech bubbles on the cover and it's got M.O.D.O.K. in a giant robotic body. What more could you possibly want?

Behind that cover is chock full of awesome too. The plot isn't too complicated but what it lacks in complexity it more than makes up for in total wack-a-doodle plot points.

So grouchy old Thunderbolt Ross has spent the last bunch of issues having a relaxing vacation in a scenic Russian gulag right? Then in the previous issue he was heroically rescued by Major Glenn Talbot who mere days before had married the Hulk's main squeeze Betty Ross.

Well this issue opens with his happy homecoming. Warm and fuzzy as ever old T-bolt ruins the mood by choosing the middle of Betty's hearfelt 'Welcome Home' to tell her that he left her new hubby back in snowy Russkie-land. That results in this little bit of awesome:

I Love You Too Honey

Look at those eyes! And the expression of her old man's face? That says it all - clearly that was one hell of a nasty slap! Why so many guys want to date that crazy bitch I'll never know.

While awesome may not run in the Ross family. Betty's pop has got it in spades in this issue. When a slimy reporter type demands the skinny on the crazy bitch eyes and face slapping. Old T-bolt gets all Russell Crowe on his ass. Check it out:

I'll Give You The Last Good Film I Made Was LA Confidential!

Meanwhile over in A.I.M. headquarters we find Marvel's most awesome Mobile Organism Designed Only For Killing sucking the brains out of his minions for kicks. We get a brief rundown of his plan to wack the Hulk using a giant robot body. Sounds awesome right?

Sadly it turns out that the guts of his Kill-Hulk-With-Giant-Robot-body plans really just boils to getting his Peeping Tom on outside of Betty Ross' window.


C'mon dude. You're a floating, giant, gentically engineered brain with little stumpy arms and legs. I would've thought you could've come up with a more interesting plan that that! Come to think of it M.O.D.O.K. is a floating, giant, genetically engineered brain with little stumpy arms and legs is he even equipped to...y'know. Did A.I.M. build some kind accessory into that robot body for - -

- -okay, We're getting into a weird area here. Let's get back on point.

While M.O.D.O.K. is doing things other than what he's been designed only for, the Hulk is off picking flowers for Betty. Seriously, that dude is picking 'I'm-sorry-your-new-husband-died-but-maybe-you-could-forgive-my-big-green-alter-ego-for-ruining-your-life-and-get-back-together-with-me' flowers. Get on that one Hallmark!

Sadly when he arrives to deliver his posies he finds M.O.D.O.P.(Mobile Organism Designed Only For Peeping) trying to mack on his chick. Understandably he gets a little upset and well...punches his head off.

Like I said people...wack-a-doodle.

70s Hulk has some quality wack-a-doodle, those comics are packed end to end with crazy bat-shit stuff like this. From Steve Gerber and Roy Thomas and their Leader-possessed Rhino verus Hulk throw-down on Counter Earth to Steven Englehart turning Betty Ross into feathery, gamma-freak-job the Harpy. It's all good stuff.

Go buy some today.

Nuff Said.