Wednesday, 5 September 2007


That's right people in a flagrant attempt to increase my hits from Google searches I'm going to talk about smut! Actually I'm going to talk about Irredeemable Ant-Man #3 - but that's pretty much the same thing as talking about smut!

For those that don't know Irredeemable Ant-man is the most recent (if not the only) Ant-man series Marvel have come out with. It's written by Robert Kirkman of Invincible fame with art by Phil Hester.

The new Ant-Man is Shield agent Eric O'Grady and the entire basis of the series is that Eric is - - well Eric is a big jerk.

Don't believe me? Well he and his buddy stole the Ant-Man armour from Doctor Henry Pym who they were supposed to be protecting - how about that?

Not jerky enough for you huh? Then how about the fact that Eric's buddy died wearing the armour when the Shield Helicarrier crashed and Eric stole the armour off his corpse and kept it for himself? What do you think about that? C'mon that's a total jerk move.

Still not convinced? This will top it off for you. Eric accompanied Chris's grieving fiancee Veronica to his funeral only to end up almost having sex with her the very next day - - on top of Chris's grave!!Smut! See I told you! Right there - total smut! Ha Ha! Caught you off guard with that didn't I. When I promise smut - I deliver smut baby!

No wait, don't go. Okay okay, so you super-hero fans aren't all about the smut - who knew? This issue has got stuff for super-hero fans too. Honest!

Let's see - - um - - oh yeah I've got it. Super-heroing is all about using your unique abilities to accomplish things regular folks can't. Like using your shrinky Ant-Man abilities to secretly sneak into places without getting caught right?

This issue has got Ant-Man doing just that - check this out:No wait, that was smut again wasn't it. Dammit. There is non-smutty super-hero stuff in this book I swear. Just let me think....

...alright I've really got it this time. Super-heroing is all about rescuing damsels in distress and punching people right? How about Ant-Man stepping in to rescue a battered housewife about to get a serious whupping from her drunken lout of a husband? That's got to qualify as super-hero action right:

Have a look:Boo-Yaa! That's just awesome right?

What do you mean no? You've got Eric giving the dude an ant-sized, super neck punch. You've got a big spurt of blood. What more can you possibly want?

Well bite me asshole, I like it!

Damn prudes!