Friday, 21 October 2011

What Makes Mister Mind So Great?

Well there's the fact that he's telepathic, smack-talking caterpillar who, when not attempting to take over the world, can be found throwing down with Earth's Mightest Mortal and his pals.

Also he's got a bitchin' cowboy hat!

(Today's entomological excursion was brought to you by Paul Cornell, Pete Woods & Cafus's critically acclaimed Action Comics #891 wherein we see Supes as a tough as nails gunslinger, Lex Luthor as both Doctor Frankenstein and his monster... oh, and Lex punting the aforementioned telepathic caterpillar off a rooftop like an NFL field goal. Them's good comics folks.)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Suck it Wolverine...

Those snooty mutants and their holier than thou attitudes - they think they invented team-work in the super-powered fighting game.

Well I'm here to tell the ol' Canucklehead and his pinko commie sidekick that the Enforcers came up with the Fastball Special - you guys just stole it:

Remember Fancy Dan? The awesome kung-fu midget of the New York criminal underworld? He had that awesome hat and the Batroc-style moustache. I loved that little guy.

I gotta say, apart from the Circus Of Crime, the Enforcers are my favourite totally out-classed bad guy team in all the Marvel Universe.

Anyway, as I was saying...

Fancy Dan forever, Wolverine never.

'Nuff Said.

(Today's provocative xenophobic slander came from the undeniably classic Amazing Spider-man v1 #19 by legends Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. That's old school baby. It's got the Human Torch, who is capable of burning a nova intensity, being taken out by an asbestos lasso, a fire extinguisher and a human sand bucket. Do the NYFD know about these guys? PS: This issue, like Fancy Dan, is a awesome.)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Better Angels #3 is now online...

It's Better Angels time again people.

That's right folks the third installment of the official YouAreComic webcomic 'BETTER ANGELS' landed online yesterday. This month Faith gets to exhibit her impressive hospital-tray-fu skills.

The scripts as ever was by me with awesome artwork by resident art-whiz Jordan Kroeger.

Here's a little taster:
Drop by and check it out here.

Feel free to stick around and leave us a comment or rating to let us know if you enjoyed it.