Wednesday, 15 April 2009

You Thought The Last One Was Good?

Okay so all that yakkin' I did in the last post about Thor #388 led me to go and re-read the concluding chapter of 'Celestials versus Thor' shenanigans in #389 over the Easter break. After which I realized that I may have posted about the wrong issue because this issue has two moments which outshine even the 'Celestial brain dome discovery' and the 'Mjolnir shattering' moments that I gushed about in the last post.

One occurs early on in the book. Actually it's the second thing our now bruised, beaten and pretty much half-naked hero does in this issue. The first thing he does of course is beat a small army of angry, orange, anti-body dudes into a bloody pulp using nothing but his bare hands and a borrowed hammer - but hey, this is a Thor comic - dude does that kind of thing in every other issue!

What he doesn't do in every other issue is throw caution to the wind and take a running leap into the exposed brain of a Celestial! His goal? To rip that brain apart with his bare hands (and teeth apparently). That kind of thing he saves for special occassions:That.Is.Awesome. That is a moment that gets the blood pumping. That is a moment that gives you goosebumps. That is a moment that makes even the most jaded and cynical comicbook fan leap up out of their chair and yell 'FOR ASGARD!'

....No? Okay, that was just me then.

Anyway, our action-packing buddies De-Falco & Frenz deliver up a second moment of pure unadulterated comic-book greatness in the same issue only a few scant pages later. Being the consumate story telling professionals that they are, the guys know that even in the most far-out, swingin of outer-space adventures it's the solid story-telling logic that keeps your story afloat.

As such the guys had an important question to ponder to determine where, logically, the story should go next. That question is as follows:

"So you're a space-faring, planet-stomping, civilisation judging, indestructable Space God. Some douchebag with hippie hair and a winged helmet jumps into your brain and starts tearing shit up with his teeth. What do you do?"

Put logically like that, only one possible solution presents itself:
You hock that hippie douchebag out like a great honking loogie

That's right boys and girls, your eyes do not decieve you, I saw it too:

Space God Gobbing.

Only in comic books my friends, only in comic books.
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