Monday, 2 April 2007

With Great Power Comes A Great Big Ulcer

Peter Parker must have one hell of a big ulcer huh?

I mean talk about stress. That guy carries the worry of the world on his shoulders. He must go through Pepto Bismol by the case!

We - the fans, sick puppies that we all are, we love it. Most of the best character moments Peter Parker has ever had have come from his neurotic sense of responsiblity and it's stomach acid churning consequences.

Take for example, one of my favorite ulcer moments, from ASM 363. Pete's having problems ending the rampage of Venom's cute & cuddly offspring Carnage. Having nowhere else to turn Pete recruits everyone's favorite symbiotic deadbeat dad to help bring the little tyke back in line. Of course Venom won't help unless Pete swears to let him go free when all is said and done.

Needless to say - Pete no like! Bad medicine!

To prevent more deaths (for which his twisted conscience will blame him) Pete reluctantly agrees. Once Carnage has been thoroughly spanked, going against every ounce of his Spider-decency (that's gotta be some kind of superpower, right?), Pete double crosses Venom and turns him in with the help of Mr Fantastic and his patented sonic disruptor gun.

Breaking your word to an alien encrusted psychopath who wants to eat your liver. To you and I that's just good common sense. To Peter Parker it's ulcerific.

Drink in the ulcer-iducing agony:

Click it to make it big & readable

Yummy. That's the good stuff.

PS: God bless JJJ for being the heel you love to love.
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