Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tyler Stone Says...

So an angry Roman Centurion has just broken into your office and started throwing his brush-headed weight around, what do you do?

Well dudes who dress as Roman Centurions in the year 2099 have notoriously  fragile egos, fail to act as impressed as they would like, and often things can get descend quickly into tantrum-town...

Handy Hint: It's always nice to compliment angry office crashers on their lovely hats.

(Today's snappy dressing was expertly styled by Peter David and Rick Leonardi's criminally under-rated Spider-man 2099 #12 wherein Miguel O Hara gets cock-blocked by a giant laser-gun toting Roman Centurion before accidentally freeing Michael Flatley from the Negative Zone. Thanks at lot Miggy!)

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