Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The Iceman Cometh..Saweth..and Kicketh Asseth

I've been re-reading the first bunch of issues of Noble Causes recently. That first story-arc had it all - it was a masterclass on how to start up a successful new super-hero series.

It had the typical set-up elements that all first arcs have, like introducing us to the incredibly annoying Race and the rest of the wacky Noble clan. We get a taster of the relationships between the cast like skanky Celeste and her familial love triangle. Once we're done with the set-up though Jay Faerber jumps straight into the fun and games with no delay. He barbecues Race (yayy!). Zephyr gets pregnant then gets a whupping! It's got everything you could want from a new super-hero series...

...and it's got FrostHe is the man. He's the bastard son with the bastard attitude but a secret heart of gold. He's here to prove that goatees aren't just for chubby little English comedians who can't dance and that ice powers aren't just for dorky losers with no imagination.

He's the only member of the Noble Family who is actually any use when Doc's 'eldest son' Icarus, the obsessive robot who thinks he's people, decides to turn his immediate family into robots like him in Noble Causes #4.

All us Frost fanboys shrieked in horror when Icarus sprung his surprise minion on our boy:
Not Robo-Race!!

Our horror wasn't because we were worried that Frost was gonna get killed or anything, it was because that annoying bastard Race was back - just when we thought we'd got rid of him for good!

Luckily for us all our horror was short-lived, Frost was there for us just when we needed him:
Is that ice in your colon or are you just happy to see me?

Ouch! That, my friends is how you use ice powers!

Bobby Drake I hope you were paying attention and we'll have no more of your ice slide nonsense - your not on Spider-man & his Amazing Friends now you know.
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