Thursday, 5 March 2009

A Life Lesson With Awesome Andy

Awww, why the long face pal?

It's because you can't get a date? Why not?

Girls don't like you because you're a seven foot android with funny-coloured skin and a huge mishappen head?

So what? That doesn't stop Awesome Andy!

What do you mean 'who the hell is Awesome Andy'?

Why Awesome Andy is the Mad Thinker's Awesome Android of course. He's awesome, but he's also a seven foot tall android with grey skin and a huge featureless head shaped like a cinder block. As you can see Andy doesn't have any problems making time with the ladies. Check it out:
Chicks Dig Awesome Andy

Of course it could be just because he's awesome.

(today's life lesson was brought to you by 2006's She-Hulk #9 wherein Shulkie get's hitched to her beau John Jameson shotgun style inspiring nine seperate spit-takes from a veritable who's who of Marvel Universe celebs from the Two-Gun Kid to the Wasp to old prune-face himself, J Jonah Jameson )
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