Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Power Girl Should So Totally Change Her Name To That....

I'm been loving the current Power Girl series coming out from DC. Power Girl has always been a favorite character of mine but it always seemed like no two writers that used her could ever agree on how she should be. Finally I think Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti have hit on the perfect characterisation. If you're not reading this book you really should be. The guys are churning out fantastic tales every month and the gorgeous Amanda Conner art is just the cherry on top of an already delicious comic book sundae.

The thing I think that puts this book a head and shoulders above most of the rest of what's coming out from DC is the beautiful little character moments that Gray and Palmiotti have managed to work into every issue so far.

Sure seeing PeeGee. burn off the Ultra-Humanite's face in issue 3 was awesome and all but it was topped by the opening of Issue 4 where PeeGee and the new Terra (created by the same team, she had a thoroughly awesome mini-series of her own a little while back) go on a girl's night out to the movies. Sure it's quiet, unassuming and doesn't involve explosions or super-intelligent gorillas but when that little weener guy tried to hit on them and PeeGee shut him down - total awesomeness shone brilliantly through:
Also 60s Ringo Starr called, he wants his hair back

Or what about the scene where shit has just started to hit the fan and PeeGee and Terra duck into an alley to change into their super-hero duds only to discover that Terra, who is new to the whole super-hero thing, hasn't got her costume on under her clothes. It's a pretty funny scene - I especially love the little drunk guy in the background who is tipping a buckfast salute to the super-hero striptease going on before his very eyes:
So that's why mom always told you to have clean underwear on when leaving the house.

This one's the joke that keeps on giving too as Terra has to spend the rest of the issue fighting monsters with no pants on and her ladybug undies on display! It's great stuff.

For the hardcore YouAreComic explosion and super-intelligent monkey fans in the audience who are now moaning about all this touchy-feely crap that I'm yakking on about - don't worry, Power Girl #4 loves you too.

Sure it doesn't boast the explosion to super-monkey ratio of the first few issues but it more than makes up for it by having Power Girl headbutt Godzilla.

No you didn't mishear me people in this issue PeeGee 'sinks the head' into a giant city-gobbling super-lizard. Observe:
Even on far away Krypton, the Glasgow Kiss is still the height of pugilistic prowess

Beyond that this issue also includes trolls & giant ogres, a surly teen eco-terrorist with a magic book, apartment shopping, evil vines and the phrase 'busty airborne lass'. All in all it's just another really great issue from an already totally awesome series.

Everybody should be reading it and loving it every month, because if I have to break out my 'Angry Arthur - Damn You DC' picture because this one got cancelled (like Manhunter, Catwoman and all those other DC books that should still be kicking around but aren't) I'll be a very sad man.

So if you want to make me (and yourself)very happy, toddle out and pick up a copy of the latest issue of 'Busty Airborne Lass' - I mean Power Girl. Trust me you won't regret it.

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