Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Have An Isbella Birthday...

Today is my birthday. That's right, believe it or not your hospitable YouAreComic host is in fact 32 years young today.

By way of birthday celebration let's tip our hat to one of my favorite comic-book creators from back when I were a lad - Tony Isabella. Dude wrote some of my favorite books back in the sepia-toned days of YouAreComic's youth. From the Champions to Luke Cage:Hero for Hire to the original Ghost Rider series.

Oh how I loved that original Ghost Rider run. It was the perfect blend of melodrama and outright comic-book wackiness! It's as if it was created with we here at YouAreComic in mind.

Don't get me wrong though. Tony Isabella wasn't just about the pitting GR against nefarious scheme of Paste Pot Pete (okay, okay so he was the Trapster by then but how can anyone resist calling him Paste Pot Pete??). Tony I. had some serious cojones for a 70s Marvel writer. Some of those old GR stories covered some pretty grimy, satanic ground. At one point he had even planned to have GR freed from Satan's curse by having him become a born-again Christian (sadly the story got nixed by some lily-livered editor).

But hey this is YouAreComic people! Our loyal readers don't come here to hear me wax intellectual on bad 70s Marvel editorial policy. They come here to see Ghost Rider rugby tackling a laser-pistol-packing, leather-clad biker with a giant hypnotic eye for a head off his motorbike in the middle of a high speed chase down the Ventura Freeway.
Happy Birthday YouAreComic

And Many More!!!
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