Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Helping Your Death Cult To Succeed...

As every death cult founder knows one of the most important things when it comes to recruitment is your mantra. The folks you recruit are going to have to chant it over and over and you don't want them getting bored or missing the point.

So rule number one when putting together your death cult's mantra is that it should be as informative as it is catchy. Observe:
Gimme a D, Gimme an E...

See, you're going to have that sucker stuck in your head all the live long day.

(Today's nod to death worshipping yuppies comes to you all the way from Ghost Rider v1 #38 by Michael Fleisher and the ultra-talented Don Perlin. In this issue suicidal, flame-thrower-touting bikers make a senator's daughter walk the plank because her father is drafting a senate resolution to outlaw the worship of death. It's like the West Wing...if Martin Sheen were a death-worshipping pirate biker.)
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