Friday, 22 July 2011

Scarred For Life...

Okay so there I was catching up on some back issues of B.M. Bendis and Mike Deodato's awesome Dark Avengers series. It's been great. It's got Bullseye being crazy and badass, Ares kicking ass with a big freaking axe and even Daken actually being interesing. Wonderful stuff.

This one had the Molecule Man (good old Owie, my favorite lil guy from Secret Wars I and II and a bunch of great old FF issues) - I was loving it.

Then BAM! Sentry gets exploded! We're treated to yellow-lycra clad blood & guts flying everywhere:

I was a little shocked and grossed out by that, but hey - this is a book about bad guys doing bad things what did I expect?

I shook if off and moved on. Then BAM! Sentry pops back to life and explodes poor lil Owie right back before anyone even got the chance to wash the Sentry chunks out of their hair!

Okay, now all this unpleasantness had made me uncomfortable and depressed but I figured what more could possibly go wrong, I'll just press on, only a few more pages to go....

...then BAM!
Naked Norman!!

No amount of scrubbing your eyeballs will help people - some things once seen can never been unseen.

Just think, according to J. Michael Straczynski Gwen Stacy hit that! What was she thinking?

Mike & Brian, my eyes will never forgive you!

(Today's deep seated emotional trauma were caused by Dark Avengers #12 in which lovable little Owie 'Molecule Man' Reece takes a break from exploding Avengers to use his universe-altering, molecule-controlling powers to strip search Norman Osborn's right hand chica Victora Hand. Sleaze, sleaze, sleaze! No more HBO for you Mr. Bendis!)
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