Friday, 12 August 2011

Geriatric Jay Rules The Waves...

The recent return of Barry 'The Flash' Allen to the DC Universe has sparked a lot of controversy about just who is the better Flash. Some people love Barry and applaud the return of the one true Flash. Others claim Wally West took the mantle of the Flash to new levels of greatness.

I say if your favorite Flash has never fought alongside the Justice Society of America against the mind-bending menace of the Key you should shut your damn piehole:
Dude has a head shaped like a keyhole and a giant key shaped machine gun!

Bow to Geriatric Jay Garrick - king of the Flashes!

While you're at it turn down your hippety hoppity music, pull up your damn pants and get the hell off my lawn!

(Today's blatant ageism comes from those pesky meddling kids at Flash v1 #129 wherein Jay Garrick takes a bit of time out of his mission, to save his entire planet from burning to death in radioactive fire, to punch out a guy in a clown suit who was stealing rocks with a fishing pole.)
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