Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Why YouAreComic Loves Atomic Robo...

Do you read Brian Clivenger's awesome Atomic Robo? You really should because...it's awesome. This is a comic-book is so awesome that a year or two ago Red5 gave an issue away on Free Comic Book Day and it contained this scene:

Yup, that's a smack-talking dinosaur armed with a machine gun. If you read the issue you'll also find that he's a time-traveling, smack-talking dinosaur armed with a machine gun...and a rocket launcher.

Or at least he thinks he is.

Anyway at the end Robo has the mouthy, militant Dinosaur cold. By way of surrender he hands over a cooler that he says contains the secrets to time-travel...then this happens:

'Why Atomic Robo Hates Doctor Dinosaur' is one of the many reasons why we here at YouAreComic love Atomic Robo

...and Doctor Dinosaur

...and comics.

You can pick up all Atomic Robo's wacky science adventures for only $0.99 a pop at Comixology.

Get on that people!
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