Thursday, 3 May 2007

Batman Knows What Naughty Girls Need..

From Poison Ivy to Catwoman to Harley Quinn to Magpie, Batman has always had to deal with his share of female villains

But it was only way back in the 60s at the height of Batmania (when Adam West and Burt Ward were kicking the shit out of Ceasar Romero every week with every BIFF and POW that they could muster) that Batman knew the surefire way to deal with unruly chicks who broke the law in his town.

Observe:No female criminal no matter how tough could possibly stand up to the mighty Bat-Spank!

Bruce Wayne was always a dark horse, but S&M, who would've guessed?

I mean we know he's got Bat-cuffs in that utility belt. Who knows what else he's got - Bat-Nipple Clamps? Bat-Butt Plug?

The mind boggles.
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