Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hercules Needs Some Pants...

For a super-hero an effective battle-cry is almost as important as a snazzy, nipple-hugging spandex outfit.

I mean you never know, you could be going charging into battle alongside such crime-fighting luminaries as Superman, Thor and Namor!

You want your battle-cry to stand proud side by side against such classics as 'Up, Up And Away', 'For Asgard', 'Imperius Rex' and 'Spider-Friends, Go For It!'.

But let's face it, nobody is topping the one that newbie super-hero Gravity came up with:

'Pants Over Here' - you know Cap is swiping that one for next time the Avengers are storming Kang's fortress.

(Today's pants-related prose is brought to you by Amazing Spider-man #673 by Dan Slott & Stefano Caselli. This issue opens with the entire population of Manhattan waking up naked. Except for Firestar......dammit!)

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