Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sweet Christmas, This Post Has A Kriss Kross Reference...

Regular readers will know that we here at YouAreComic have big respect for classic Marvel monkey villain The Mandrill. Mainly for his pheromone-based super-power of 'picking up chicks' and for his unrivaled skill at giving teams of minions awesome names. In his case using said 'picked-up-chicks' as his criminal gang and calling them 'The Femme Force'.

Personally I though that was top notch in minion assembling and naming - there's no doing it better than Manny.

Then I encountered Sweetstick Max.

Sweetstick is the arch nemesis of the best character ever to come out of Icon, the thoroughly awesome and under-rated Dwayne McDuffie series from DC's Milestone imprint: Buck Wild - The Mercenary Man.
Sweet Christmas, dude looks sharp in that styling headband\yellow shirt combo!

The eagle-eyed among you may recognise Buck Wild as thinly-veiled piss-take of Marvel's very own Hero for Hire Luke Cage. 

That in itself would be awesome enough, but the man who used the phrase 'Where's My Money Honey' to Doctor Doom didn't have a villain in his entire rogue's gallery that could come close to touching the awesomeness of:

Aunt Jemima's Do Rag! It's Sweetstick Max and His Ho Hordes

That's right folks, as awesome as it would be to have a 'Femme Force' aiding you in your criminal deeds, it's nothing to how slammin' it would be to have 'Ho Hordes' to fight your battles.

Sweetstick is not just the super-fly, pimped-out, daddy mack of super-villainy you see above - oh no. He goes deeper than that baby. You manhandle his ladies and you can bet your ass there'll be hell to pay:

'Hands Offa My Hoes!'. Seriously folks, I almost pissed myself laughing when I read that one.

Why are you still sitting here reading this? Why have you not already run out and picked up this book? What is wrong with you people - dude has Ho Hordes for crying out loud!

Icon #22 people. If you don't own it you're wickedy wickedy wickedy wack!

(Today's appalling disrespect for hoochie mamas everywhere was brought to you by Icon #22 by the late, great Dwayne McDuffie & M.D. Bright, wherein the phrase Sho' Nuff is used more than in any other comic in the entire history of the industry. Word to your mother.)
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