Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Family That Storms Evil Foreign Dictator's Strongholds Togther - Stays Together

Okay I'm deep in the throes of the somewhat dodgy Spider-man: The Other - Evolve Or Die storyline and I'm loving it.

It's got C-List super-villains hanging out in the Avengers kitchen with Aunt May, it's got Morlun - the Jerry Dandridge of Spider-man villains, it's got eye-plucking, it's got skin shedding and it's got corpse eating spiders - what more could I possibly want from a story starring your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man?

Part 5 though, just struck me as wrong.

Peter Parker is a guy who'd go to any length to protect the people he loves from getting hurt because of him. In fact in this same story he beats poor old Tracer within an inch of his life for letting Aunt May make him toast under false pretenses.

So when such a guy finds out he's got a terminal illness, you'd think he'd hunker down at the old homestead and pass his last days surrounded by the friends and family he loves.

Instead good old Peter takes his neglected and put upon wife, his septuagenarian, constantly in ill-health aunt  and packs them in shitty-ass suits of vintage Iron Man armor and has them break into Doctor Doom's castle with him:

Really Peter, douchebag much? If you really want to take them down with you why not just toss them off a bridge like you did with that blonde chippie you used to date?

(Today's passive aggressive nit-picking was brought to you by Marvel Knights: Spider-man #20 by Reginald Hudlin and Pat Lee. Elsewhere in this issue Peter passes up the use of Tony Stark's private Vegas sex grotto in favor of spending some quality time with his wife...on the moon. Well that's my Valentine's day surprise for this year scuppered - cheers Pete!)
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