Friday, 19 June 2015

Tough Crowd...

I always figured that as a boss Norman Osborn would be a real hard-ass prick but geez. This makes me glad that dude doesn't do performance evaluations at my job.

I would've thought that shrieking 'I Don't Like Bugs' like a schoolgirl when you're attacked by a Nazi made of bees is a perfectly natural reaction and defeating the supernatural bee-Nazi guy by eating him? Pretty damn inventive!

Guess we should've thrown some pumpkins at him instead, eh Norman?


(Today's bitching from the bitter barn is coming at you from Thunderbolts #122 by Christos Gage and Fernando Blanco. Also in this issue we learn that the Swordsman spends his downtime combing his naked, re-incarnated sister's hair while she sleeps. Creeepy!)
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