Monday, 14 May 2007

The Need For Speed......Boys

The Brave & The Bold #67 is excitingly entitled 'The Death Of The Flash'. That's right folks the Flash's super-speed has finally taken it's toll on his body. Next time he uses his super-speed....he could die! Of course Batman doesn't know this when he calls Flash to Gotham to help him deal with a gang of thieves with super-speed and...yadda yadda yadda!

This your typical done-in-one 60s Batman Team-up story, nothing special about it at all except for the villains.

Bask in the glory that is - the Speed Boys.

Bats and the Flash are mere co-stars next to the awesomeness of the Speed Boys. A bunch of two-bit crooks who discovered irradiated sneakers that give them super-speed.

What a premise! I'm totally hooked already!

The boys are Gotham criminals so to be taken seriously you gotta have style - thems the rules.

No problem - buy some nice tuxedos, a bumper pack of pantyhose to hide your identity, slap on your super sneakers and you're ready for a super-speed crime spree.

Check out the distinguished gents toasting to a successful heist:
Don't they look like a fun buncha guys? Doesn't it make you wanna be a Speed boy too? What do you say fellas? C'mon please - I'll buy my own tuxedo and everything?

The boys not only wear snazzy threads and commit hyper velocity robberies but they also enjoy making chumps out of super-heroes:
Keep Away!

Not only are they not fazed by the Scarlet Speedster but they have the balls to make a dick out of the Dark Knight detective himself! Check out their 'secret' hideout in the middle of downtown Gotham:
And it still takes Bats a whole issue to find them! That's some great detecting from the World's greatest detective.

In the end, sadly, the heroes triumph and all is well again.

The Speed Boys are defeated, their super-sneakers are confiscated and Bats probably gave them a good spanking too.

Flash's horrible life threatening illness is cured somehow on the last page - I don't remember how. Probably a radioactive squirrel or something.

That's not what's important. What is important is that DC is sitting on a sure-fire winner and they aren't cashing in!

C'mon DC give the Speed Boys their own sneaker melting, super-hero chumping limited series!

You know it makes sense.
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