Friday, 17 April 2009

Wonder Woman's Ultimate Foe...

Wonder Woman is world famous for her battle prowess. As the fiercest warrior that Themyscira ever produced there are few in the DC universe who can match her impressive array of powers.

She can pummel her strongest enemies into submission with her god-given Amazonian strength.

She can slice through even the thick skin of a Kryptonian with her golden tiara.

She can squeeze the truth from the most deceptive of liars with her lasso of truth.

She can deflect a dozen bullets a second with her indestructible bracelets.

She can traverse the globe in an eyeblink in her amazing invisible jet.

Despite all this however Wonder Woman is not unbeatable. There lurks one deadly menace out there who can lay even the Amazonian princess low.

Cower and tremble in fear at the mind-bending malevolence of...

An Old Lady With a Rock!
Take that you Amazonian bitch!

(Today's elderly assault was brought to you courtesy of Wonder Woman v2 #30. Diana compounds her rock-nutting embarassment in this issue by spending most of it in chains, lying face down in a muddy dungeon after letting a rogue Amazonian Queen spit a ruffee into her face. Which is a lot less kinky than it sounds)
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