Wednesday, 23 May 2007

You Dumb Comics Fans...

Let's talk about a moment of comic greatness that we can all agree on shall we? I mean everyone who's anyone loved Thunderbolts#1.

Before I go on, I should warn you, if you've been living under a rock and you don't yet know about the big reveal at the end of this book then stop reading! I'm gonna spoil it good! Don't say I didn't warn you.

With the Thunderbolts Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley did what we all thought impossible. They came up with an original idea for a super-hero comic!

Talk about retro!

This book was given birth by the big Onslaught extravaganza that crossed the Marvel Universe books some years ago. At the end of it the FF and the Avengers were seemingly dead. Someone was needed to fill the void. Someone with courage, someone with power, someone with colourful spandex.

That someone was the Thunderbolts:
Suddenly there was new team of heroes out there roughing up the bad guys and keeping the stretchy fabric industry afloat. The Thunderbolts had all the bases covered. They had a cunning leader(Citizen V), a resident tech-guy(Techno), a flying armoured guy(Mach 1), the team bitch (Meteorite), someone who grows(Atlas) and someone who shouts (Songbird). It's like someone took the JLA and the Avengers and smooshed them all together.

We were enthralled as the T-Bolts took down the awesome power of of the - - Wrecking Crew?
Hey one of them has got an enchanted Asgardian crowbar okay? What do you mean so what? That makes him tough! That's where Thor's hammer comes from for god's sake.

Look never mind - the T-Bolts kicked asses, took names and everybody whooped and cheered okay.

It was all going so well until the last page when we learned the terrible truth:
That's right - the Thunderbolts are really Baron Zemo and his insidious Masters of Evil!

Bet you felt pretty stupid after that was revealed, huh? You were all 'ooh I love the Thunderbolts, they're much better than the stinkypants Avengers' and 'ooh I love Atlas, he's so purdy' - then Bam - it's really a dude with a Stridex Ad for a face and his criminal buddies!

What a bunch of suckers! You dumb comic fans are so easily duped!

What? The Good Year Blimp? Where?

I don't see - - hey, where'd you go?
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