Friday, 1 June 2007

Bear On Spaceknight Action...

I was always liked ROM. I mean it was never a 'set your world on fire' kind of book. It was never gonna change your life or anything. Sometimes though, not often, but sometimes the ROM crew, aka Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema, would deliver a book piled high with huge, steaming mounds of unadulterated AWESOME!

That's right baby - ROM #45 is awesome!

The main reason it's awesome is right there on the cover. The Soviet Super Soldiers! Mother Russia's own mutant militia. What isn't great about the SSS? I'll give you a clue - nothing!

You've got Darkstar, the slinky seductress of the team. She's got a mutant twin made out of Darkforce energy and she once dated Iceman. Iceman for crying out loud! Try as you might you cannot love that!

How about Vanguard. He wears a big blue cape and carries a hammer and sickle around everywhere. He has vague energy powers and a great big mouth.

Best of all is Ursus. What can I say about this guy? Well I could say HE'S A BIG FREAKING BEAR who likes to kick ass and talk politics:What did I tell you? That is all kinds of awesome!

Sure, it's got the Soviet Super Soldiers, we all know they're awesome, but that cover also promises Bear on Spaceknight action. I don't wanna buy this book full of hope of some B&S only to be disappointed. My little heart couldn't take it.

Don't worry pal, Bill and Sal don't write cheques their butts can't cash. Behold the sweet awesomeness that is: Bear versus Spaceknight:That right there, is why we buy comicbooks. Am I right?

As if you're not already convinced and rushing out to buy this issue while still wearing your jammies - there's more. The issue thunders to a climax as Russkies and Spaceknights put their differences aside and join forces - for a BIG MUSICAL NUMBER:Okay, okay, that last part was a lie! There's no big musical number, no transcendent Spaceknight vocals, no Russian, mutant bear on tambourine! I'm sorry, I got carried away, I couldn't help myself.

Good book though
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