Thursday, 31 May 2007

An Aquapology...

I felt a bit bad about the cruel and thoughtless things I said about Aquaman in the post I made last week. It's bad enough that poor old Arthur is going to get his title cancelled by those big meanies at DC - but I have to go and kick him while he's down.

I probably hurt his fishy feelings real bad.

Arthur, I apologise. Can we be buddies again?

I'll make it up to you. I'll do a post where you get to be all cool and badass. How would that be? How about that time in JLA #118 where you saved Martian Manhunter from Despero? You were all cool and tough then, remember?How about that huh? You're not riding a seahorse or beating up an old man or anything. You're being all manly battling a big mean super-villain with the help of your sharky buddies.

Not that you need any help! You had the battle in complete control - no question. I mean you keep a cool enough head to deliver tough guy responses Clint Eastwood would be proud of:See, Arthur is as hard as nails and don't you forget it.

How was that then? Are we friends again? Okay okay I promise never to show unflattering images that make you look like a pansy ever again. Yes, of course I'll remind my readers one more time about the awesomeness of Aquaman - it would be my pleasure.

Don't forget dear readers: Aquaman = awesome
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