Friday, 8 June 2007

His Name Is The Captain....

Nextwave, just so you know, is awesome. It was the one of the, if not the, best series Marvel was producing for a while there. Sadly for some reason it got cancelled by some corporate suit - damn the man!

While it lasted we were thrice blessed. We had Warren Ellis bringing his cranky, English, super-hero-hating style back to Marvel, we had a team of 3rd rate nobody super-heroes being pursued by Dirk Anger (the funniest Nick Fury homage ever to grace a page) and big freaking monsters to fight every month!

It was like a Saturday morning cartoon during a bad acid trip. That is to say, in case you missed it the first time, it was AWESOME!

One of my favorite Nextwave moments (of which there are many) was in Nextwave #4. The flashback sequence where we find out how The Captain got his powers:You know that it's going to be good now because little green aliens are involved.

So, as you can see, the cute little green guys come to earth to give some lucky human the gift of superpowers. Sadly the first human they run across is The Captain, who has been out enjoying a few refreshing beverages.

Misunderstanding their intentions The Captain breaks out a little drunk-fu, to teach these fiendish alien invaders what they get for landing their green asses in the old US of A:Clearly The Captain has been being distracted from watching his X-Files boxsets by reruns of Darby O'Gill and the Little People again. Tsk Tsk.

Obviously disappointed by the failure of the normally foolproof violence+leprechauns=gold coins formula The Captain presents his new alien buddies with a 'Welcome To Earth' gesture that Will Smith wishes he'd thought of:Just in case you missed it the first two times I said it, and that little demonstration hasn't made it clear to you, again I say:


C'mon wouldn't all super-hero origins be much better if the hero was drunk at the time? Just picture it: 'With great power comes....Ey! Whatchoo looking at? *hic*'
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