Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Dude, Where's My Iron Man Armour?

When you're a playboy millionaire like Tony Stark going out on the razz and getting tanked every night is not just a lot of fun, it's expected behaviour, more than that - it's your sacred duty as a dashing, charming, goatee-sporting man about town.

Even when you're the designated driver pounding a few martinis is absolutely essential or the young, rich scoundrel society will kick you out of their club. Then where would you be? Sucking down hooch and choking on stogie smoke down at the local dive bar with hobos like Steve Rogers and Nick Fury.

When you've got a secret second life as an armoured Avenger though, knocking back the cocktails presents a slight problem. When it comes time to zoom off into action against the Mandarin or Crimson Dynamo or to foil another of the Melter's nefarious schemes it can be a right bugger to remember where you parked.

However Tony Stark isn't the world's most famous futurist/industrialist/philanthropist/facist for his good looks you know. Dude's been known to have a bright idea or two in his time.

So here is the Tony Stark patent-pending pissed parking spot finding solution:

'Simply park your BMW/Convertible/Iron Man Armour near to a unique, stand-out landmark. Then when you're staggering home just aim for that landmark and Bingo! You've found your parking spot.'

Okay the van's next to the mailbox on top of the hairy, Canadian mutant with the unbreakable skeleton - can't miss it.

Ingenious I'm sure you'll agree.

(Today's top tip was brought to you by the good people at Iron Man v4 #12 wherein Iron Man butchers a bunch of Argonauts. Jason and the Golden Fleece however are nowhere to be found.)
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