Friday, 25 September 2009

C'mon Val, You Know You Wanna....

Sadly I have not been redeemed for my sins of misogony. I have been reliably informed that the Valkyrie has in fact long ago had her feminist icon status revoked with extreme prejudice.

When asked why I was referred to that time the Valkyrie fed the foulest of delusions shared by every drooling, unwashed, socially-backward, basement-dwelling fanboy out there by becoming forevermore 'that chick that totally dug Hawkeye's patent-pending Date Rapist Pick-up Technique'!
Your big, scary sword says no no, but your eyes say yes yes.

Way to go Clint, can't you ever just keep it in your pants man? No wonder Mockingbird divorced your sleazy ass!

No wait she was a Skrull then right? The real Mockingbird was in space wasn't she....or was she in hell?

Damn you Brian Michael Bendis! That's another fine misogony apology post ruined!

(Today's aborted apology came courtesy of Defenders v1 #9 wherein the Celestial Madonna and cosmic marital arts expert Mantis indulges in that quaint old Earth custom of 'kicking an old lady who's waiting for the bus'. She'll fit right in in no time)
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