Tuesday, 22 September 2009

For The Ladies...

It has been pointed out to me that my last post about Puck descended into drooling, misogynistic fanboy madness offending many of my loyal female readers. I can only profusly apologise for my complete lack of sensitivity. How I went from talking about hairy Canadian midgets fighting giant Arabian ghosts to gibbering about catholic school girls, skirt slits and nymphomania I have no idea!

In order to make up for my ghastly, thoughtless behaviour please accept this small token of apology.

It's a picture of the one-time Defender and feminist icon Valkyrie getting her girl power on against The Swordsman by insulting that which men hold as the most sacred and masculine of all their attributes - their facial hair:
Pretty moustache? She may as well talk some smack about his momma!

Somewhere Batroc the Leaper is crying.

I hope you feminists are happy!

(Today's feminist rhetoric was brought to you by those bastions of gender equality Avengers #117 wherein it's revealed that when Captain America hits an Atlantean square in the chops with his shield it makes the sound 'CLAM!'.)
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