Friday, 22 January 2010

You Thought I Made It Up?

I wasn't kidding about the Blue Snowman in my last post. There is an honest to goodness DC super-villain named the Blue Snowman. He has a long and storied history that began that time he showed up in Sensation comics all badly coloured and whomped Wonder Woman in the back of the head.

As if the fact that he's named the Blue Snowman isn't reason enough to love this guy and flood the DC Editorial Offices with demands for a Blue Snowman mini-series there's so much more to him than just a snow-man looking outfit, funky pipe and whomping unsuspecting chicks with wrenches. actually...a she!

A super-villain named the Blue snowman....who is also a cross dresser?! The hits just keep on coming!
You see if the Blue Snowman is actually a woman it makes that time she trussed Wonder Woman up and used her as a footstool a lot less creepy......or maybe not.

Anyway as you may have noticed from the previous post a new age of awesome has begun in the world of comics. As of Power Girl #7 the Blue back.

He/she is still a cross-dressing super-villain with a funky sci-fi pipe that shoots weather and a thoroughly stylish bowler hat but this time she's got an awesome Amanda Conner make-over.That's right bitches, the Blue Snowman is for real.

You better recognise.
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