Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Shameless Self Promotion: Small Press IDOL 2010

Loving Readers...

My lowly comic-book project 'Devil's Music' has made it through to Round 2 of 2010's Small Press Idol contest (with an artful assist from my pencil-packing compatriot JohnnyBoyBaptista). It is the story of a hapless rock band who inadvertently unleash Hell in the middle of Manhattan. A story where the day can only be saved by busting monsters in the chops with a Flying V guitar!!

What we need now to make this dream a reality in Round 3 is votes!


So sign yourself up for a free (and SPAM free) SPI forum account here.

Then login in and give us your vote here.

The very survival of the YouAreComic universe depends on YOU!!!

Want a little taste of what you're voting for? Check out some delicious concept art:
Thanks for your support. It will be remembered fondly when world domination is finally ours!!
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