Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Hear The Drummer Get Wicked...

Since we're celebrating my brother's birthday today I figured maybe a post that combines the mission statement of ourselves, here at YouAreComic, with his one true love...Hip Hop.

What better way to weave two such diverse concepts seamlessly together than by taking a look at Public Enemy:The Comic Book #1:That's right, your eyes do not decieve you. That is in fact a double-page spread of none other than Flavor Flav himself, fly-kicking a bad guy in the chops while slicing him up real nice with a razor-edged clock.

What warped mind could concieve a comic-book where old-school hip-hop superstars Public Enemy are in fact undercover operatives of a badass, secret organisation of globe-trotting, wrong-righting do-gooders? Why only the mind of the Hard Ryhmer himself..Chuck D of course.

He's secretly been a comic-book fan just biding his time in the rap game until he could unleash this upon the world:It's deeply, deeply insane and you should totally buy it.

Consider yourselves warned!
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