Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Happy Birthday B-Bro...

Recently this blog has seemed to be nothing but birthday posts, but I can't let my brother's birthday go by without a mention here on YouAreComic. After all it was stealing and reading his Eagles that made me into the fine specimen of a man I am today.

So in celebratory fashion allow me to post his favorite comic-book panel of all time right here for your enjoyment:
Hey B-Boss

Okay, so no-one but those with whom I share DNA is going to get that, but suffice it to say that somewhere in Tallahassee, Florida someone is cackling his ass off.

Happy Birthday bro, hope you have a good one. I send you birthday wishes and..
..a cup of java on the ol' Jawa

(Today's cryptic birthday salutations both come from the fantastic Amazing Spider-man #226. It's a rip-roaring tale of romance, costume parties and laundromats by the dream team of Roger Stern, John Romita Jnr and Jim Mooney. I still have this issue in an old beat-up UK reprint annual that you guessed it...I stole from my brother. One of my favorite Spidey stories ever, so much so that this is the second time I've posted about it)
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