Monday, 21 February 2011

Green Lantern Goes Postal...

Not too many of the comics I've been reading recently have been turning out anything worthy of a post here at YouAreComic. No moments of abject awesomeness or just straight up comic-book insanity quite tickled my fancy enough.

Then I started reading Showcase Presents Green Lantern Vol 2.

It wasn't too long before my eyes were greeted by this horrific sight:

Yup, that's Hal 'Green Lantern' Jordan getting his Patrick Swayze on with some foxy little blonde chippie. GL's got the moves.

Of course this is the Silver Age, so doing the boogaloo with a sexy lady is never just that. Here the blonde chippie is in fact an evil spy who is hypnotising Hal with her tacky but magical dimestore necklace. Apparently doing the Watusi can result in a post-hypnotic suggestion commanding you to mail all the details of your employer's top secret government contracts to enemies of the state.

Unable to find these nefarious move-busting fiends by convential methods due to the post hypnotic whammy he's suffering, Hal takes the only other avenue of attack available to him.

He disguises himself as a secret-divulging, country-betraying letter and mails himself to the bad guys!! How many stamps do you think it takes to send a big can of whoopass?

That my friends is how you take down bad-ass, dancing, post-based terrorists.

I hope the folks at Homeland Security are taking notes.

(Today's special delivery was brought to you by Green Lantern v2 #37 where in the issue's second feature Green Lantern flies through the galaxy on the back of an uncomfortable, star-faced midget powered by a magic wristwatch)
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