Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Green Lantern: Bird Of Prey...

Anyone who came to this post expecting a fish-netted Green Lantern riding around on a motorcycle and fly-kicking bad guys with Huntress, Oracle & co is going to be disappointed.

This is just a post about that time Green Lantern switched bodies with an eagle and did this:

While his mind in the eagle's body did this:

Oh Silver Age - you so crazy!

(Today's power-ring slingin' was brought to you by the batshit crazy Green Lantern v2 #35 in which, no your eyes do not decieve you, Green Lantern does in fact eat live sheep raw while a pistol-packing eagle takes down an international spy ring. There's also some crazy shit about a disgruntled circus clown who wears a yellow cape, walks on air and carries a gun that shoots golden masks. Hey, don't look at me I didn't write the damn thing!)
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