Friday, 7 October 2011

Suck it Wolverine...

Those snooty mutants and their holier than thou attitudes - they think they invented team-work in the super-powered fighting game.

Well I'm here to tell the ol' Canucklehead and his pinko commie sidekick that the Enforcers came up with the Fastball Special - you guys just stole it:

Remember Fancy Dan? The awesome kung-fu midget of the New York criminal underworld? He had that awesome hat and the Batroc-style moustache. I loved that little guy.

I gotta say, apart from the Circus Of Crime, the Enforcers are my favourite totally out-classed bad guy team in all the Marvel Universe.

Anyway, as I was saying...

Fancy Dan forever, Wolverine never.

'Nuff Said.

(Today's provocative xenophobic slander came from the undeniably classic Amazing Spider-man v1 #19 by legends Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. That's old school baby. It's got the Human Torch, who is capable of burning a nova intensity, being taken out by an asbestos lasso, a fire extinguisher and a human sand bucket. Do the NYFD know about these guys? PS: This issue, like Fancy Dan, is a awesome.)
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