Wednesday, 2 May 2007

The Wasp's Wacky Wedding

No posts for three weeks? Well y'see I had some getting married and some honeymooning to do. So I thoughtI'd start back in with a matrimony related post to celebrate the wonderfulness of wedded bliss.

When you're talking about comics and weddings you're talking about Avengers #60 (well if you're really old you are anyway).

This is by no means the greatest comicbook in the world, in fact I would go as far as to say that logic and this comic part ways pretty early on, but what it lacks in logic it more than makes up for in glorious comicbook wackiness.

We've got the Wasp marrying the new stingy-insect themed Avengers rogue Yellow jacket, who claims to have killed her ex-lover Goliath. So Cap and the other Avengers, suitably upset by her decision, do the only thing they can - -

- - They eat crabpuffs and make smalltalk with Doctor Strange and Ben Grimm about what a lovely ceremony it was.

Not a lot of Avenging going on for poor old Goliath.

Just as you're about to lose all faith in humanity salvation arrives - in the form of - - the caterers?
That's right, but these are no ordinary caterers. They are in fact a mob of dangerous wedding crashing 'super' villains! Shake in your boots Avengers it's - -
I can see it now. The Ringmaster was hatching his next evil plot and he thought: 'me and my band of circus themed boobs have a string of failed criminal capers behind us, heck we've even been foiled by a blind lawyer in a purple and yellow leotard! I think we're about ready to crash an Avengers wedding - now where did I put my chef's hat?'

So a fiendish, culinary-tinted plot was hatched and let's face it no wedding crashing plot is complete without:
Snakes in a cake. Where is Samuel L when you need him?

I may mock but I love the Circus of Crime. Any story that features them is instantly made 90% better by their presence alone. This story is no exception all your bumbling favorites are present and accounted for - plus the Ringmaster toting a machine gun. That dude is bad to the bone
Three ring fiends - Tee Hee Hee - I'm so stealing that

The artwork is gorgeous and seeing Old Ringy and his cohorts getting their asses handed to them by the Avengers is a sticky toffee treat. Yummy.

As for the it turns out Yellowjacket is actually Goliath in the midst of a psychotic episode/identity crisis.
Of course the Wasp knew all along. She was just rushing him down the aisle before he reverted to his commitment phobic/sane Goliath persona.

Awwwww, that Jan, she's just a slushy old romantic isn't she?

Well, there you have it - Love, romance, mental illness, yellow spandex and a clown on a unicycle with a cane that shoots lasers.

I hope all you wedding planners out there were taking notes.
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