Thursday, 22 January 2015

Freakish Coincidence...

Speaking on web comics. Taking a short break from working on my own last night, I used my few free minutes to catch up on a couple more pages of Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield's stellar web comic from a bunch of years ago FreakAngels.

Then it occurred to me, I've never recommended a web comic before here on the old YouAreComic blog (not counting my own). I should remedy that.

So here I that by recommending a web comic...on the blog *sigh*

Check out FreakAngels everbody. It's fookin' awesome!!
It's also free, in its entirety from the or if you want to give Warren and Paul some  cash you can buy the handsome collected edition.

Nuff Said

EDIT: Holy Socks! Atomic Robo also just became a web comic. Get this awesome series...also for free! The world's gone mad!
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