Friday, 16 January 2015


For any of you YouAreComic folk out there who are not following me on Twitter or Facebook you may have missed the big announcement that the latest and greatest YouAreComic webcomic launched on Tuesday.

It's got scripts from yours truly and art from ultra talented, YouAreComic alumni Jordan Kroeger (Better Angels, Wolf & Man).

Here's the quick elevator pitch I posted to Facebook:

Murdering indestructible dragon overlords and toppling the evil galactic empires can be a real bitch! Armed with a ragtag crew of allies and a dark secret from his past, alien farm boy turned rebel Magus might have what it takes to get the job done. Of course if his allies find out his secret first the only job getting done will be on Magus himself
I also posted a couple of sneak peeks here and here.
But hey, if you're ready for the real thing you can dive right in at:
We've got page 1 and a bonus cover up there as of right now - with a new page coming every Tuesday.

Check it out, enjoy and leave us a comment.

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