Thursday, 24 May 2007

He Sleeps With The Fishes.....literally!

Okay, I'll come clean this is not that great a comicbook. It doesn't have any of those moments that make me think 'comics are great!'. I'm not a big fan of Aquaman at the best of times and this is not his greatest outing.

Why the post then I hear you ask? Well look at that cover! That is one of the best comicbook covers I've seen in my life. Nick Cardy did the cover and Big Jim Aparo did the interiors so when it comes to art this book is top shelf. So there!

Um - I'm not really sure what do now.

Normally I would talk about the great story moments and post pictures of them but there aren't any.

Ummm - how about I just post a picture of Aquaman riding his pet seahorse Storm:Cute huh?

That didn't do it huh? This post is still feeling a bit hollow isn't it? Maybe if I post a picture with some violence in it. That usually gets the blood pumping.

Here we are. Aquaman slapping an old man:
Take that gramps!

Hey, I just heard that DC are thinking about cancelling Aquaman - so this post is actually really current & topical. I'm part of the zeitgeist! Ha! Put that in your pipe and smoke it! What do you say Arthur?
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