Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Booster Gold #7, is a fun little comic. The main thrust of the issue is a little lightweight as storylines go - Booster and Superman get lured to an alien planet by some armoured alien's sob story about an oppressive dictatorship on his home planet.

Once they arrive Booster, ever the hothead wants to bust some heads and overthrow the government. Supes thinks this course of action would be rash and calmly educates Booster on the complicated nature of politics and foreign affairs:
That's how a bill becomes a law

Okay, okay - so he kicks Booster's ass until he backs down, same difference.

The little morality tale that is the focus of the issue is actually pretty good in a ham-fisted sort of way but as with the rest of the series it's the little soap opera asides that make all the difference.

Like the interlude where Booster's agent Dirk is hiring Doctor Soo, one of STAR labs top technicians for a very important task:Booster's already a corporate sellout with his product endorsements, celebrity appearances and impressive stock portfolio. A little sex kitten sidekick is just good business sense. Maybe he should get a male sidekick too. A teenager all decked out skintight, multi-coloured lycra, y'know to consolidate his gay fanbase - it worked for Batman!

There's another great moment at the end of the book where Lois Lane arrives to get a Booster Gold interview. It seems even Lois has caught Booster-Fever and Big Blue is not too pleased:I love that reaction, it's perfect, old Boy Scout Clark can do nothing but seethe.

Booster Gold folks, he'll steal your girlfriend, endorse your toothpaste and overthrow you're oppressive government regime all for the low low price of 9.95!

Buy now! It's Boosterific!
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