Tuesday, 8 May 2007

That Darn Cat...

I'm gonna break into the week gently with Amazing Spider-man #226 an issue from one of my favorite eras of Spidey.

There's nothing really groundbreaking in this issue. It's a fairly standard story that brings the Black Cat back into Spidey's life after a bit of an absence, but I'll be damned if it aint' good.

It's got all the good stuff about the Spidey-Cat relationship. They flirt, they smooch, they beat up goons, Pete frets, Felicia steals stuff and ties up plump hospital nurses:That Felicia and her politically-incorrect asylum escapes! You never got that kind of behaviour from Howling Mad Murdock!

My favorite part of this issue is when Cat and Pete decide to rendevous at some mobster's costume party (mobsters are really just big kiddies at heart). You'd think, being Spider-man, Pete would have a ready made costume idea wouldn't you? Nope - sneaky Pete outgeeks us all:

Hot chick in a cat suit dancing with a Jawa - only in comics my friends, only in comics!

This era of the Spidey-Cat relationship was great. Cat was still a bad girl trying to impress Spidey with daring heists and spandex-clad come-ons. Pete would always be teetering on the edge of giving in to her. As a kid I ate that stuff up.

This issue ends with a kiss and a promise from Felicia to go straight which sets us up for the fantastic ASM#227 which deserves a post of it's own at some point:It's just so romantic, isn't it? I'm getting all misty-eyed here. Doesn't it fill you full of hope. I mean if a hot chick and a Jawa can find their happy ending maybe you can too.
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