Thursday, 3 September 2009

Embarrassing Moments In Super-Villainy #2

So your first outing as the new Vulture was going swimmingly.

Your wings were working perfectly, your snazzy red leather ensemble looked awesome (and didn't at all make you look like a creepy bondage festishest). When you revealed your ugly mug you got all the screams and horrified expressions you were hoping for. Hell, you even got to hock a great big acidic loogie right in some gormless super-hero's face.

Then it went and happened! Defeated - god help us all - by
Spider Cuddles!!

Geez, I know he's got the proportionate love and affection of a spider and all but still. Not even Stilt-Man ever got beaten by a hug!

(Today's moment of spider-TLC was brought to you by the good people at Amazing Spider-man #594 wherein Peter Parker wanders around some lady's apartment naked before heading over to the local jail to rough up an octogenarian - and you thought Reed Richards was a jerk!)
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