Friday, 23 October 2009

Holidays In The Land Of The Leapair...

If you're a regular reader of the ol' YouAreComic blog you may have noticed a distinct lack of activity over the last few weeks.

I was actually off vacationing with my lovely wife in the City Of Love herself. That's right folks I was living it up in Gay Paree home to the master of Savate and twirlable, bad-guy moustaches himself Batroc The Leaper!

I can only humbly apologise for abrupt disappearance from the land of blogs without so much as a word.

What can I say sometimes you just need a break you know. Even the mighty Batroc takes a holiday every now and then:
What vacation to the DC Universe would be complete without stopping by the Batcave to kick Batman in the chops?

Thanks for your hospitality Batroc, I raise my pain au chocolate to you.

(Today's moment of comic-book tourism was brought to you by Avengers vs. JLA #4 by Avengers creator royalty Kurt Busiek and George Perez wherein we are treated to the eye candy that is Superman wrecking up the place armed with Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer!)
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